Wednesday was a busy day! Sandwiched between riding to and from my morning and afternoon classes, these car-free bikey highlights affirmed my happiness.

I picked up my girl from school early and she rode on my cargo rack to the dentist on the first slightly chilly day of fall. We giggled and talked and exchanged brief, friendly greetings with other cyclists, walkers and their dogs as we zoomed down the gentle hills together.

I got VIP parking at the new dentist, whose office happens to be right on the paved bike trail that runs through the woods along the creek.

Taking a different route home revealed yard art I’d never noticed before, made of miscellaneous bicycle parts. It kind of looks like a giant bike helmet on top, maybe? Our neighborhood art tour also includes handmade ceramic tiles set in the sidewalk, giant dragons sculpted from dead trees in place, and a 6 foot tall kangaroo with a human baby peering from its pouch.

Next Wednesday promises new adventures, too. I’ll be seeing rain capes with an amazing group of ladies at a studio space in an artist co-op. My bike takes me to some pretty cool places. 💚